JSB HF05 Leg Massager

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager for Pain Relief with Human Hands Like Pressing & Vibration Reflexology

About this item

  • Leg Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief with Rubber Kneading Pads to Effectively Massage Foot Ankle and Calf at the same time
  • Helps Promote Blood Circulation in Men and Women; Effective in Varicose Veins, Foot Pain Calf Pain, Arthritis, Knee Pain
  • Leg Massager Machine can recline up to 45 degrees: Use while sitting/reclining
  • Has 3 modes of vibration + 3 modes of kneading, relaxing reflexology vibration plate on the sole of the foot
  • 1 Year JSB National Warranty; Door Step Service Available in Most Metro Cities; Dedicated Customer Support Help Desk

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Product Description

Best Foot Massager 2021, Pampering yourself after a tiring day at work is always a good idea. The Leg and Foot Massager massages and stimulates the nerves in your legs and feet to increase the flow of blood. This reduces the pain and symptoms associated with tired feet and legs.

Fifteen minutes with your feet in this foot massager and you are going to be more relaxed and stress-free after your long day. Why spend on a spa? Why pop sleeping pills in your mouth when you can enjoy a good night’s sleep after a relaxing foot massage in your very own living room?

JSB HF05 Ultra Leg Massager


The Best Leg and Foot Massager 2021 has two-speed levels which allow you to control the intensity of the massage. The device will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of use, thus saving electricity when not in use. The device uses a vibratory method to stimulate the nerves in the skin and consumes 80W of energy to function.


This device has been intricately designed to relieve any discomfort in the feet or legs. The reflexology plates at the bottom of the device vibrate to enhance the massaging experience. The kneading plates under the fabric enable effective massaging and the special roller massages your calves and the arches of your feet.


The JSB HF05 is built to last. Its sturdy body and durable motors have been a testimonial for its popularity with users for more than 7 years now. The leg and foot massager machine comes with full flexibility for the user. The user can select between 3 modes of kneading and 3 modes of vibration.

Strong Massage

When you see your loved ones suffer from foot pain, you need specialist help. A massager which can grip foot and calf muscles like HF05 can effectively replicate a massage therapist’s hand massage. The vibration feature adds value as it helps improve blood circulation and relieve tired foot muscles.

2 Heavy-Duty Motors

HF05 draws its power from two heavy-duty motors which are crafted to provide superior performance and last for years. The massage program can be used by people of all ages: elderly, housewives, working individuals with sitting and standing jobs.

Ease of Use

The JSB leg massager machine is built considering it might be used by any user. Its easy-to-use interface is loved by the elderly and housewives alike.

Use While Sitting or Reclining

You can use your JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager while sitting on a chair or while reclining on a sofa as the massager can be reclined up to 45 degrees.

JSB Service Promise

We at JSB understand that when you buy a massager for your loved ones, you want it to last for years. That is why we have a doorstep engineer visit facilities in all metro cities and nearby towns. In non-metro cities, we provide free pick up and drop services for the service of products.

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